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British Glass has the UK’s only dedicated library on glass technology, from raw materials to end product. We collect and catalogue materials from sources including scientific journals, trade press, conference proceedings, standard setting bodies and more.

Each month our library and information service answers hundreds of enquiries from members – providing hand-picked information to help them meet their business needs. We particularly specialise in providing:

  • worldwide legislation, regulations, standards and guidelines – such as heavy metals, decoration, food contact
  • statistics – eg import/export data and recycling rates
  • factory data – including types of glass manufactured, production capacities
  • technical information on glass manufacture, material science, production techniques, compositions, decoration
  • patents – including searches going back to the 19th century.

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Thermal Shock Resistance Of Milk Bottles

C T Roland & H A Trebler
Special Glass

Life Of Glass Tumblers

H Nakamura
Special Glass

Industrial Tests On A Cast Chrome-Corundum Refractory

O N Popov Et Al
Special Glass

Glass Composition Calculations

R C Srivastava
Special Glass
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Electrical Resistivity Of Glass In Furnaces With Coaxially Mounted Cylindrical Electrodes

K M Tatevosyan And Yu N Petrosyan
Special Glass

Effect Of Sulfur Oxide (Vi) On Liquation In Sodium-Borosilicate Glasses

S V Stefanovskaya
Special Glass

Ecological Assessment Of Noxious Discharges During Melting Of Lead Crystal

I T Timofeeva, M V Shapilova And N A Pankova
Special Glass

Determination Of Different Valence Forms Of Cerium In Glasses Using Potentiometric Titration

S M Chesnokova, I Yu Danilova, P A Andreev
Special Glass

Design Calculations For A Suction Mold For Narrow-Necked Glass Containers

Z G Flom, A I Shukhat And I N Grossman
Special Glass

Crystallization And Properties Of Fe203-Ca0-Si02 Glasses

Y Lee & S Choi
Special Glass

Corrosion Of Zinc-Containing Cabal Glasses By Various Leaching Solutions

A A Kheder Et Al
Special Glass

Control System Evolution In Glass Production

V E Manevich
Special Glass

Control Of Stresses During Production Of Sheet Glass

S E Umanskii, B I Pokrass
Special Glass

Compositional Dependence Of Absorption And Fluorescence Of Yb3+ In Oxide Glasses

H Takebe Et Al
Special Glass