Our work

Our work

We help the UK glass industry have the influence, knowledge and skills to be world leading and globally competitive.

Our work

Air quality

The UK glass industry takes its responsibilities on air quality seriously and operates to strict standards. We work with members and stakeholders to collate data, provide guidance and manage compliance around air quality. 
Air Quality

Business, trade & economy

Glass capability is a vital economic and technological asset with a key role to play in modern manufacturing. We work with our members and government to ensure our industry can plan, invest and grow in the UK.
Economic & Trade

Chemicals at work

British Glass helps its members fulfil their duty to protect their workers and the environment from any risks associated with the substances they use in their products and manufacturing processes.

Decarbonisation & energy efficiency

The glass industry wants to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions so it can compete successfully in the international markets of tomorrow. It isn’t just environmentally responsible – it’s good business sense. 
Energy Efficiency

Energy policy

Affordable, continuous and secure energy is vital to glass manufacturing - so British Glass represents the interests of the indusry and its supply chain to policy makers in energy security, regulation and taxation.
Energy Security

Health & safety

Our sector’s productivity rests on its employees' skills: their health, safety and wellbeing are paramount. Our work helps to ensure the glass industry is a safe and healthy place to work – now and in the future.
Health & Safety

People & skills

The glass manufacturing and innovation supply chain offers fascinating jobs in science, engineering, health and safety, environmental management, leadership, and of course in a range of professional and administrative roles.


Glass is 100% and endlessly recyclable - the perfect circular economy material. And making new glass from recycled glass reduces CO2 emissions and energy use - thats why increase recycling is a priority for us and our members.
Recycling Bottles