Bottles and jars

Bottles and jars

Glass is infinitely recyclable – yet at the moment, around half of household glass packaging doesn’t get re-melted back to glass. Much is recycled as aggregate, or is lost to landfill or incineration.

We think that’s a shame because almost all of this could be made into new glass products – and re-melting back to glass (closed-loop recycling) is usually the best environmental option.   

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Closing the loop on glass recycling reduces CO2 emissions, saves energy and drives down costs – so it benefits everyone: manufacturers, brands, retailers, consumers, waste processors... and of course the planet! In fact, increasing the recycled content of glass packaging is a key part of the UK’s Glass industry decarbonisation action plan.

But it’s a complicated journey from shop shelf to homes and then via waste processing back to a glass furnace – and achieving meaningful change will take coordinated, evidence-based intervention.

That’s why we’ve setting up our free Close the loop network – an informal group of organisations and professionals from across the glass packaging life cycle who want to improve the UK’s glass recycling rate.

Close the loop is for you if you work with glass packaging as a manufacturer, brand, packer/filler, retailer or waste processor.

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