Groups we sit on

We work with stakeholders from across industry to see the bigger picture, identify important changes and channel the right information to the people who need it.

British Glass has expert representatives sitting on and working with key groups including:

  • Advisory Committee on Packaging (DEFRA)
  • All-Party Parliamentary Packaging Group
  • British Standards Institution
  • CEN (European Committee for Standardization)
  • CETIE (International Technical Centre for Bottling and related Packaging)
  • ( forum for ceramics, glass, concrete, cement and clay industries)
  • Construction Equipment and Plant and Site Safety (BSI)
  • Construction Products Association
  • Cross-Sector Trade Associations’ Industrial Emissions Directive Group
  • DEFRA air quality groups (Part A and Local Authority)
  • DIN (German standards institute)
  • Glass Alliance Europe
  • Glazing Supply Chain Group
  • Energy Intensive Industry Stakeholder Forum (BIS, DECC and HMRC)
  • Energy Intensive Users Group
  • Emissions Trading Group
  • INCPEN – Industry Council for Research on Packaging and the Environment
  • International Comission on Glass – Technical Committees 9 (Energy Efficiency) and 13 (Environment)
  • Manufacturers’ Climate Change Group
  • Manufacturers' Trade Remedy Alliance
  • NepSi – European Network for Silica
  • OfGEM Large User Group
  • Packaging Federation
  • Packaging Recycling Group Scotland
  • Society of Glass Technology Furnace Committee
  • Thermal Challenge Network (University of Newcastle)
  • UK Emissions Trading Group (Domestic Measures)