Air quality

The UK glass industry takes its responsibilities on air quality very seriously and operates to the strict standards laid out in the Industrial Emissions Directive. 

British Glass works with its members, local authorities and government departments including DEFRA and SEPA to shape regulation, manage compliance, collate data and provide guidance around air quality matters. 

We work closely with regulators and other industry bodies to ensure that what is required of the glass industry is practical, proportionate and based on sound evidence. This includes paying close attention to, and communicating on, topics such as:

  • EU Industrial Emissions Directive
  • Best available techniques (BAT) reference documents (BREFs)
  • Particulates, NOx  and acid gases (eg HCl and SOx)
  • EU Medium Combustion Plant Directive

Our air quality work sits within the remit of our Environment and Energy Committee.


Environment & Energy Committee

The British Glass Environment and Energy Committee works to make the UK glass industry sustainable and competitive for the future. It proactively addresses policy, regulatory and legislative matters as well as technical innovation.