Pilkington UK contributes to Slimming World HQ makeover

Pilkington UK contributes to Slimming World HQ makeover

February 12, 2019
Slimming World HQ in Alfreton, Derbyshire

Pilkington UK Ltd. has provided their trademark glass for the newly extended Slimming World headquarters in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

Glass features prominently in the newly designed structure, which features a large atrium with a full-height glass front elevation, a glazed roof spanning the length of the building and large ‘picture windows’ in the lobby area that showcase the facility’s leafy surroundings.

Because of the large quantity of glass used in the building, designers faced the challenge of avoiding the need for an energy intensive climate control system to regulate internal temperature throughout the year.

However, thanks to the British Glass member’s Suncool™ 60/31 T solar-control glass and the Pilkington Optitherm™ S1 Plus, a low-emissivity product, a solution was found.

Business Development Manager at Pilkington UK, Lee Shaw, explains: “The twin challenges any building with extensive glazing faces are loss of heat on cold days and excessive heating as result of direct sunlight when the weather is warmer.

“The combination of products we have supplied to this project use advanced coatings cleverly to minimise these two effects, helping to smooth out the peaks and troughs that can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, expensive heating and air-conditioning bills and wasted energy.”

The solar-control glass features a state-of-the-art coating that transmits only 31 per cent of the sun’s energy, while still allowing for 60 per cent light transmittance, so that occupants still get a clear view outward.

Meanwhile Pilkington’s low-emissivity glass features a coating that reduces outward radiation of heat, so that less is allowed to leave the building on colder days.

Both types of glass are used in the atrium’s wall and roof, but are held in place using the latest structurally glazed units from Schueco. These deliver glazed surfaces with ultra-low-profile frames to minimise interruption of views from the building, whilst allowing natural daylight to flow through.

Extra strength is added to the atrium glazing by including a layer of laminated glass on the inner pane, to help the large units stand up to forces exerted on them by the wind and potentially the weight of snow during the winter.

Lee Shaw continued: “This project demonstrates the range of glazing solutions we are able to offer, with a combination of curtain walling, structural glazing and roof glass, all of which has been manufactured in the UK.

“The architect has used timber slats to deliver some degree of solar shading, but the extensive area of glazing enclosing the space means there would still be significant risk of excessive heat build-up. The glazing specified minimises this effect, saving energy and money while also delivering a more comfortable and stable year-round climate for those using the building.

“This is also one of the first projects to feature Pilkington Suncool™ 60/31 Pro T glass, which is now fully manufactured in the UK, following recent re-location of production from Germany. It’s great that we’ve been able to combine a made-in-Britain success story with a new chapter for a well-loved British business.”

Paul James, Slimming World’s Facilities Manager, said: “People have always been at the heart of Slimming World’s success and so ensuring that our people – our head office staff and Consultants – have the facilities and environment they need to do the best job possible has been a real priority for us. The new building will ensure we have the facilities we need to train and support all of our fantastic Consultants who deliver exceptional service to our members to support them to lose weight and live healthier, happier lives.

“Having large expanses of glass has provided us with a beautiful, light-filled space that will be comfortable and inviting for everyone who uses the building right through the year