UK glass industry trade reports, second editions 2023


Since the UKs departure from the European Union, British Glass has worked to support our members on any arising trade issues. One way we have done this is through the continuous collection of glass industry trading statistics, specifically tonnages and values of both imports and exports of glass products.

British Glass collects trade statistics specific to the container, flat, and fibre glass sectors which all have their own separate trade reports. All glass products are considered within the full UK glass sector trade report, which makes four reports in total. The four reports are supported by a summary document which displays the basic imports and exports totals from 2022 and 2023 across each glass product.

British Glass publishes the second editions of the UK glass industry trade reports which are free of charge to members of British Glass and will be updated annually. The reports display data from 2013 to 2023 on imports and exports by both tonnages and value. Each section of the report analyses which countries are the top importers and exporters for each year between 2013 to 2023, which shows a picture of where glass products are coming from and going to over the last decade. Additionally, the reports highlight the price per tonne of the various imported and exported glass products. Finally, each report specifically analyses data from 2023 to showcase the top ten countries which glass is coming from and going to in the most recent year by value and tonnage.

The four reports and supporting sector document can be accessed below by members using their British Glass website logins (the links will not show the selected reports until login is entered):
•    2023 British Glass – UK Container Glass Trade Report
•    2023 British Glass – UK Fibre Glass Trade Report
•    2023 British Glass – UK Flat Glass Trade Report
•    2023 British Glass – UK Glass Sector Trade Report
•    2022 2023 Sector Trade Summary (publicly available)

Alternatively, members can request copies of the trade reports from For public or general enquiries please also contact the British Glass information email address.