British Glass unveil "Vision for the future of glass packaging"


Today, British Glass have joined Earth Day celebrations by unveiling our “Vision for the future of glass packaging”, a video highlighting the glass industry’s commitments to reaching net-zero targets and how glass is the perfect material for fitting into a world aiming to eliminate carbon emissions.

Sheffield, UK – The video begins in 2024, showing some of the difficulties that industries are facing in terms of packaging waste and emissions. As time ticks on to 2050, there’s indication that the glass industry has continued its path towards net-zero and is on the brink of achieving emissions targets through improvements in furnace technologies and transition to carbon-free fuels. The video also places a strong focus on reuse and recycling, highlighting how consumers can continue contributing towards a closed-loop system by continuing to effectively recycle their glass waste.

Speaking on the video, British Glass Technical Director Nick Kirk said: “The “Vision for the future of glass packaging” project isn’t an optimistic take on what the future could look like, but an accurate reflection of what is possible if we continue to follow our current net-zero strategies. Glass is already the perfect material for a closed-loop recycling system, and we’re proud that our vision is one that is completely achievable through further developments in technologies, engagement across the supply chain, and consumer education.”

The “Vision for the future of glass packaging” comes as British Glass continues to push for more effective recycling collections nationwide through our closed loop recycling roadmap in collaboration with WRAP, which provides information for local authorities and central government on how to increase recycling collection rates. British Glass have also recently published our 2050 Net zero strategy, which cements our commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.