Glass Technology Services provides expert advice in Israel

Glass Technology Services provides expert advice in Israel

February 18, 2019
Glass Technology Services Chris Holcroft gives a presentation in Israel

Glass specialists Glass Technology Services has been providing expert assistance on increasing recycling to the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Chris Holcroft, Senior Technologist and Technology Development Lead at Glass Technology Services, presented workshops and case studies at a three-day conference in Jerusalem, Israel earlier this month.

The meeting was organised by the Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management (ACR+) on the SWIM – H2020 Project, which is co-funded by EuropAid, and raises awareness, gives policy advice, technical advice and capacity building in the Middle East and North Africa.

Each day of the event focused on a different training theme with the overall aim being to pass on knowledge to officers of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection to enable them to increase glass recycling in the most effective way.

Chris presented a full day’s workshop with an overview of glass before more detailed sessions on construction and container glass recycling including collection, processing and different end markets.

He also presented case studies on the recycling and circular economy of glass from construction and demolition sites.

For further information on the project, visit ACR+’s website.