Diageo and the Ardagh Group achieve high CDP ratings

Diageo and the Ardagh Group achieve high CDP ratings

February 7, 2019
Both Diageo and Ardagh have received high climate change and water ratings from the CDP

Two British Glass members have been given a high rating from the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project).

The CDP is a global environmental non-profit organisation that helps investors, companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, protect forests and safeguard water resources.

Its annual ratings are calculated using questionnaires on climate change, water and forest related risks, opportunities and programmes to mitigate these risks.

Both Diageo and the Ardagh Group have earned A and B ratings respectively on their climate change and water security practices.

Diageo’s double A rating sees them in the top 1% of companies to achieve the score whilst also being the only alcohol beverage company to keep its double A status from last year.

Chief Sustainability Officer at Diageo, David Cutter, said:

“Climate change is one of the most significant challenges the world currently faces and we are resolutely determined to play our part.

“It’s fantastic to receive global recognition for all our efforts with the announcement that we have been included in the internationally recognised CDP A List for Climate Change and Water.”

Meanwhile, the Ardagh Group has worked with the CDP since 2011 and has seen an improvement in both its climate change and water scores to earn a B rating.

The Ardagh Group’s CSR & Sustainability Manager Annelene Ikemann said:

"Working with CDP enables us to share climate and water data with our customers whilst equipping us to respond to regulatory and policy changes in our industry.

 “The improvement in our climate change score and maintenance of our good rating for water underlines Ardagh’s continuous commitment towards environmental issues and management.

“The submission of the CDP questionnaire is one of our key tasks each year. Our CDP results show that the work and efforts by our team are invaluable, not just for Ardagh but for our customers.”