British Glass launches common sense guides for the glass industry

British Glass launches common sense guides for the glass industry

November 14, 2018
The first two British Glass buyers guides

British Glass has launched two leading guides aimed at all those working in the glass packaging sector.

The seven-part series starts with ‘Recycled content in glass packaging’ and ‘Maximising the recyclability of glass packaging’, which are both designed to be an invaluable reference source.

When speaking about the new guides, Chief Executive of British Glass, Dave Dalton, said:

“We believe it is an important part of our work at British Glass to produce guidance and support on glass packaging topics based on the insight and expertise of our staff, members and networks.  

“Much of the content in the guides has been supplied by the industry experts in both British Glass and Glass Technology Services and provides a common sense approach. We have created them because we knew there is a demand for something expert but easy to read.

“We are very grateful to our members who have been so generous in giving their time to help steer the creation of these valuable publications, and to advise on many of the areas covered.”

The first two guides are available on our resources and publications page.

The series will continue with further topics including:

  • The basics of glass container design
  • Damage and breakage
  • Specifying and buying bottles for sparkling drinks
  • Reducing the weight of glass containers
  • A beginner’s guide to packing in bottles and jars