Resources and publications

Resources and publications

British Glass produces guidance and support on topics that matter to those who work in and with the glass industry - based on the insight and expertise from our staff, members and networks.

You might also want to look at our events and training - which include short courses-to-order for those working in the industry.

Working elevated temps guidance

Managing working in elevated temperatures: a guidance document

Helps employers understand where the potential for heat-related illness could occur, recognise the symptoms and ensure that necessary control measures are understood and can be properly implemented.

Reliable industrial measurement of core body temperature

Investigation of non-intrusive and reliable measurement of core body temperature using infra-red thermometers in industrial environments, including furnace operations in both glass and cast-metals manufacture. 
Furnace operating parameters and recycled glass

Balance between furnace operating parameters and recycled glass in furnaces

This project produced a mathematical model to predict furnace energy consumption at various production outputs and cullet levels, a potential basis of a furnace control algorithm. 
UK Glass Manufacture - A Mass Balance Study

UK glass manufacture – a mass balance study (2008)

This report, published by the Carbon Trust and written by former British Glass employee Andrew Hartley, provided an evidence base for policy decisions concerning the UK’s glass industry.