Net Zero in the glass industry

Net Zero in the glass industry

22 October 2020

In 2019 the UK government set a legally binding target to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050.  The target will be extremely challenging for the glass sector given the uncertainty in the future policy and energy landscape and the long investment cycles associated with furnace technologies. Over the last 40 years furnace efficiencies have improved by over 50%, however we are approaching what is technically possible with existing furnace technologies.

The industry must now look at a step change to deliver net-zero.

British Glass needs your help to identify social, economic and political barriers that could cause issues for the industry and select ways to overcome these and ensure the glass industry continues to thrive, sustainably, into 2050. 

British Glass will be hosting two interactive webinars in October. The first webinar on the 15 October, will focus on the bigger net zero picture. The second on 22 October, will specifically address net zero in the glass industry – what we are doing and more we need to do to achieve the 2050 targets.

Your input is vital so both webinars will feature polls and will be followed up with further discussions with the British Glass team.

Register now and help us to shape the future of the glass industry.

The output of the Net Zero event will be a Net Zero strategy for the glass industry and each member will be asked for feedback on the strategy before this is published and sent to our stakeholders. 

Full programme


Dave Dalton, CEO, British Glass

The progress of Glass Futures

Rob Ireson, Innovation and Partnerships Manager, Glass Futures Ltd

Options to achieve net zero

Antonia Mattos, Principal consultant, Element Energy

Insights into Pilkington’s Net Zero ambition

David Cast, Climate Change Director, Pilkington UK

Next steps

The British Glass team