Guardian Glass develops innovative vacuum insulated glass

Guardian Glass develops innovative vacuum insulated glass

November 29, 2018
Guardian Glass create vacuum insulated glass

Guardian Glass, a member of British Glass, has created an optimal shopping experience through their newly developed Guardian Vacuum IGTM.

The technology has proved successful in commercial refrigeration units with its airtight seal between two glass panes held apart by almost microscopic pillars.

Its vacuum works to eliminate fill gases between the panes as well as all associated conduction and convection losses through the gas, which in turn results in significantly less heat loss from the glazing unit.

When compared to a standard triple insulating glass unit, Guardian’s Vacuum IGTM is both thinner and lighter while also maintaining a better thermal insulating performance, higher light transmission and lower reflection.

The thermal insulation performance of the glass is unchanged regardless of the angle at which it is installed and the Vacuum IGTM is fully tempered, meaning it is suitable to be used where safety standards need to be met.

Its first use has been in retail refrigerator doors where it provides uninterrupted views of the good inside however other applications of the glass are emerging across the industry.

Greg Kemenah, Director Guardian Vacuum IG said: “The Guardian Vacuum IG solution from Guardian is ground breaking in terms of glass innovation.

“Vacuum-sealed glass units with low-E coatings can achieve thermal insulating performance of R-12 (Ug equivalent value is 0.47 W/m2K) with a profile that is only 8.3mm thick.

“This results in an insulating glass unit that is 75% thinner, has 33% less weight and exceeds the performance of triple-pane, low-E glazing.”