British Glass meets Business and Industry Minister in energy latest

British Glass meets Business and Industry Minister in energy latest

February 11, 2022
British Glass CEO Dave Dalton (L) with Business and Industry Minister, Lee Rowley MP (C) and Encirc Managing Director Adrian Curry (R)

British Glass welcomed Business and Industry Minister, Lee Rowley MP to container manufacturer Encirc’s Cheshire site on 3 February to discuss the continued impact of rising energy prices.

Mr Rowley MP and colleagues from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy joined British Glass CEO, Dave Dalton and Encirc Managing Director Adrian Curry to hear about the effects of the ongoing energy crisis on the future of the glass industry.

In recent months, glass manufacturers have seen their gas and energy prices quadruple and triple respectively creating a risk to industry decarbonisation, inward investment and a rise in consumer goods pricing due to increased costs for the wider glass supply chain.

During the site tour, Mr Rowley MP was able to see first-hand glass being produced and filled for the British market as well as hear about the planned developments to the Encirc site as they look to employ new fuel technologies like biofuels and hydrogen to produce low-carbon containers as part of the industry’s net zero strategy.

Adrian Curry, Managing director at Encirc said:

“The cost of energy is of course a huge issue for energy-intensive manufacturers. With glass being a relatively low value product, energy makes up a large proportion of the cost to produce it. This means substantial price increases have a real impact.

“Some of our key concerns at Encirc are that firstly, these energy price increases will no doubt now be passed onto the consumer, fuelling the cost-of-living crisis. Secondly, while we are taking a lead in UK manufacturing in our bold decarbonisation plans, reduced revenue from continued energy price increases will inevitably impact our ability to invest in a net zero future.

"We welcome the visit, which has been a great opportunity to discuss how we can accelerate plans in the UK to reduce our reliance on carbon-based fuels."

Commenting on the visit, Dave Dalton said:

“We are pleased to meet with the Business and Industry Minister and his colleagues to discuss the on-going and pressing matter of energy pricing while showcasing some of the fantastic technology investments our industry has to offer.

“To create a secure future for the UK glass industry – one that is decarbonised and globally competitive – we need government to take a more flexible green agenda, reliefs and support to stop the growing disparity between the UK and EU.

“Without this, our industry faces an uncertain future putting at risk much of the hard work and planning that has already started to demonstrate our pathway to net zero glass making.”