Container glass technical documents

Container glass technical documents

British Glass has produced a number of documents outlining specifications and giving guidance for the manufacture and use of container glass. These are provided free to members; anyone wishing to access a copy should email

(Please note that the TEC documents series is currently being reviewed and updated.)

TEC 3: Glass container finishes: Summarising the neck finish specifications for the most commonly produced glass containers in Europe.

TEC 4: Glass container tolerances: Guidance to packers and glass container manufacturers regarding the dimensional of capacity tolerances which can be economically achieved during the automatic production of glass containers.

TEC 5: Quality assurance and control within a glass container manufacturing company: Sets out the aims of glass container manufacturers in the field of quality control and quality assurance and to give some indication of how these aims are achieved in practice.

TEC 6: Accurate determination of glass container capacity: Provides factors in accordance with those commonly used in the UK by glass manufacturers, customers, glass users and legislative authorities.  For practical purposes, they also give similar results to those obtained using the conversion factors recommended by CETIE in Data Sheet DT9.

TEC 7: Strength and performance standards for the manufacture and use of carbonated beverage bottles: Guidance to bottlers, packers, merchants and users of glass containers for carbonated beverages.

TEC 9: General guidelines for the use of glass containers: Guidance for manufacturers, packers/fillers, merchants and users of glass containers.

TEC 11: General information on the packing of glass containers for their safe transport and delivery to customer.