Renewed Range Of Press Machines

Renewed Range Of Press Machines

Within their new organisation, Amig Srl has recently updated its range of automatic turntable press machines in order to meet today's fast-changing requirements of the hollow glass industry worldwide. The present press range of the Italian firm includes the PAP & PAR: heavy-duty single gob presses, especially devoted to small lot productions of either technical ware or high quality articles to be fed either by gob feeders or by ball gathering robots. The table drive in the PAP press series is the exclusive Amig electrically operated "multi index" mechanism, which allows operation with a variable number of moulds, from 2 to 12. On the PAR press series, the table drive is made up of a cam mechanism operated by an electric motor that allows a "quick index" operation. See article for more details.

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Gmpa 5/97 82
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Journal Title: Gmpa 5/97 82

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