Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging

Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging

This paper discusses recent developments in compositions and innovations in container manufacture which ensure that glass continues to be the material of choice. Type I sodium borosilicate glass is highly corrosion-resistant, and compositions with cerium oxide do not darken on exposure to gamma radiation used for sterilization. Press-and-blow forming enables containers to be made lighter and permits new designs which allow delivery of small doses of valuable products with minimum waste. Sophisticated on-line inspection equipment includes image recognition systems to control positively the quality of all bottles, one at a time. Statistical process control and adherence to ISO 9000 standards lead to further improvements in quality.

J Wenzel
Rutgers University, Usa
Journal Title: 
Proc Xvii Int Cong Glass Beijing, Vol 6, October 1995 364-368
Container glass

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Journal Title: Proc Xvii Int Cong Glass Beijing, Vol 6, October 1995 364-368

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