Pet Bottles Not So Eco-Friendly

Pet Bottles Not So Eco-Friendly

Test conducted on the PET returnable bottle by Fachvereinigung Behalterglasindustrie, the German container industry federation, have found it to be less ecologically sound, despite its lighter weight, than alternative glass returnable systems. The tests were carried out on a 1-litre PU-coated lightweight glass returnable bottle weighing 490g; a 0.7 litre glass returnable bottle weighing 590g and a 1 litre PET returnable bottle. In almost every environmental category it was found that the lightweight, coated glass bottle was less damaging to the environment than the PET bottle. (whole item)

Journal Title: 
Glass 74 6 1997 209
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Journal Title: Glass 74 6 1997 209

Class: C 1057