Improving Flow Meassurement

Improving Flow Meassurement

ABB Kent-Taylor has developed the 25mm MagMaster flowmeter for measuring the flow of sulphuric acid used for leaching silica sand as part of the purification process. United Glass Sand Developments of Alloa uses the system at its plant where it processes the high quality sand deposited from the Devilla Forest near Alloa, 24h/day to serve the nearby United Glass bottle plant. After the sand is quarried it is crushed, milled, water washed and dried, prior to chemical cleaning and leaching with the sulphuric acid to reduce the iron oxide content. The exact quantity of acid is then dosed in via the MagMaster to ensure the final quality of sand. The average flow of acid through the device is around 5 litres/minute. For further information please contact ABB Kent-Taylor on fax: (St Neots) 01480 218361.

Journal Title: 
Glass 74 12 1997 471
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Journal Title: Glass 74 12 1997 471

Class: C 1121