Improved Ring Lubricants For Nnpb

Improved Ring Lubricants For Nnpb

The Renite Company has introduced Renite F-785, designed as a cleaner, ready-mixed, homogenised equivalent to other lubricants. It can offer a consistently good performance, while minimising build-up. It also allows the glass to glide smoothly during forming and significantly reduces hollow neck and finish check problems. Rings develop a shiny, silvery polish, characteristic of the graphite contained within the product. Renite F-785 is designed to be durable which means that frequent swabbing is unnecessary. The lubricant has a soft, semi-fluid consistency and soaks readily into a swab. It is applied with a medium swab for more difficult jobs and with a dry swab on easier jobs. For further information please contact Renite Co, USA, fax: +1 614 253 1333.

Journal Title: 
Glass 75 1 1998 18
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Journal Title: Glass 75 1 1998 18

Class: C 1128