British Glass

Key Staff


Dave Dalton

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dave heads the combined operations of British Glass and GTS in its major function of providing political and technical support to the glass community in the UK. His role includes general and commercial management of the federation support activity and financial management of the technical services organisation (GTS) to assist both glass manufacturers and users. His responsibilities include the delivery of appropriate and well focussed representation for member companies in the spheres of environmental, political and technical requirements. In addition Dave is responsible for overseeing the work of both the internal senior management team, and the expert technical staff who are retained to resolve manufacturing problems and other issues throughout the whole glass supply chain, from the manufacturing companies to their consumers.


Theresa Green

Information Officer

Theresa Green is the key point of contact for British Glass members who have a technical query. With access to a vast number of databases and library services, Theresa provides information to members. She produces a quarterly publication, the Digest of Information Patent Review from which members can order technical articles and abstracts, or non-members on a subscription/one-off basis. Theresa also provides bespoke research services. As well as providing access to a myriad of standards, both UK and international, Theresa is also the custodian of the British Glass library and archives, the only dedicated library on glass technology.


Rebecca Cocking

Head of Container Affairs

Rebecca’s primary role is to represent the Container Glass Sector in the UK - developing policy in relation to UK and EU recycling and waste legislation for both lobbying and promoting policy to Government, Local Authorities and other relevant NGOs to aid the UKs recycling of glass.

Rebecca is responsible for ensuring members are up to date on activities, through meetings and other forms of communication. She is responsible for overseeing the collation of industry data and analysing performance against national statistics, disseminating all relevant recycling and waste legislation to member companies and is responsible for responding to consultation papers on new and existing legislation.

She regularly attends meetings and seminars with UK civil servants, Local Authorities and decision makers on the behalf of industry to help ensure that the most appropriate end-use for container glass is maximised to establish long term sustainability.


Jenni Richards

Environment, Senior EHS Adviser

Jenni has worked on environmental matters at British Glass for over seven years. Following a degree in Physics and Astronomy, and working as a secondary school Mathematics teacher, her role at BG began with administering the data and contractual requirements for the Glass Sector Climate Change Agreements (CCA). This quickly grew into policy and negotiation of the same and thereafter the role expanded to EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and associated issues, Energy Taxes and Energy Policy and dealing with all manner of environment and energy policy, legislation and guidance issues which might affect members. Over her time at BG Jenni has also implemented an externally certified (ISO:14001) Environmental Management System for internal activities and worked as lead auditor and audit trainer within the internal quality systems.

Jenni is secretary to the Environment and Energy Committee, continues to manage the glass sector CCA and represents the glass sector at the UK Emissions Trading Group, Energy Intensive Users Group, CCA Operations liaison Group, as well as the EU Glass Alliance Europe. Jenni also interfaces with ministers and relevant press and co-ordinates all climate change and energy activities within the federation.

  • British Glass represents the interests of primary glass manufacturers and the glass supply-chain, from raw materials to retail and the end-consumer" credits="n/a" >
  • Modern life would not be possible without glass
    But, what is this amazing substance, where does it come from and how is it made?" credits="n/a" >
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  • We provide relevant, impartial, and comprehensive advice and information - from leading experts across key legislative areas" credits="n/a" >
  • British Glass represents the interests of primary glass manufacturers and the glass supply-chain, from raw materials to retail and the end-consumer" credits="n/a" >
  • Learn about the amazing material glass" credits="n/a" >
  • British Glass represents the interests of primary glass manufacturers and the glass supply-chain, from raw materials to retail and the end-consumer" credits="n/a" >
  • Our enviromental section goes into more depth on the environmental and energy issues affecting the glass supply chain" credits="n/a" >

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