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British Glass represents the interests of primary glass manufacturers and the glass supply-chain, from raw materials to retail and the end-consumer. We are the industry focal point for communicating and consulting within the supply-chain to government, and the European Union. We promote a pragmatic approach to the fundamental issues that impact on our sectors, the use of glass, and our impact on the wider economy and environment.

We are instrumental in promoting glass in all its forms and ensuring that both the industry and its products remain competitive, innovative and are not unnecessarily or disproportionately hindered by new regulation, standards or legislative changes. British Glass has an established history and a worldwide reputation for excellence in glass.

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British Glass exists for the benefit of its members. Our priority is to represent the interests of our members at local, national and EU level with direct contact and through government agents.  However, we are not simply a trade association, but are both a trade confederation and a materials organisation.

With an established history and a worldwide reputation for excellence in glass we represent all glass manufacturing sectors and associated industries – including raw materials suppliers, machinery producers, glass recyclers, refractory makers, glass wholesalers, brand owners and retailers, to name but a few.

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