New MD at Daedalian Glass Studios

New MD at Daedalian Glass Studios

August 24, 2017
The new managing director of Daedalian Glass Studios, Joe Walmsley

It has been announced that the new managing director of Daedalian Glass Studios will be Joe Walmsley. He is the son of the founder, Davia Walmsley and has been involved in the family business from a young age.

Over the past five years, Joe has gradually taken on more responsibility for the day-to-day running of Daedalian Glass Studios. This has allowed for a smooth transition from mother to son. They have ensured continuity of their high standards of design, production, and customer service. Founder, Davia Walmsley, (who is also the former President of British Glass, 2015 – 2016) will continue to inspire the team through her artistry and design expertise. She will now focus her time developing the next generation of glass artists at Daedalian Glass Studios.

Prior to re-joining Daedalian Glass Studios as a Company Director in 2012, Joe worked in corporate finance in London. Upon his return, he has implemented a restructuring of Daedalian’s project management approach and he has emphasised a greater focus on the high-end customer experience.

Joe Walmsley, managing director at Daedalian Glass Studios, said:

“It is a great honour to take the reins of the company that I have watched my parents build over the past 30 plus years. Whilst I have some fresh ideas and exciting plans for the future of the company, I recognise that the strength of Daedalian Glass Studios is that it was built on the values of my parents, my mother’s artistic and technical ability with glass, and their commitment to design excellence. Daedalian Glass Studios will continue to stand by its values: building relationships, exhibiting integrity, taking responsibility, delivering excellence, and creating inspirational glass. We will also continue to invest in our studio facilities, building on our current capabilities and adding new ones – such as hot glass – to ensure Daedalian Glass Studios continues to compete as one of the best glass studios in Europe.”


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  • Daedalian Glass Studios is a team of multi-disciplined glass makers, applying traditional and contemporary techniques to create artistic glass decoration for high-end projects.
  • The studios are based in North-West England and were founded by Davia Walmsley in 1986.
  • This family-run company focuses on creating unique glass art installations and decorative finishes, pushing the boundaries of the material and exuding quality through a mixture of innovative design, artistry and human labour.