Glass chief takes ‘revolutionary’ reality system to US

Glass chief takes ‘revolutionary’ reality system to US

October 30, 2018
British Glass CEO Dave Dalton

The head of Sheffield-based British Glass, the membership organisation for the UK glass manufacturing industry, flies out to America on Sunday (4 November) to raise the flag for the UK’s glass sector.

CEO Dave Dalton is visiting a series of major glass manufacturers across the US to talk to them about the latest cutting-edge research and development taking place at British Glass and partner companies.

Mr Dalton will visit Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, before travelling to Sonoma, California, where he is the keynote speaker at a conference of 65 glass sector chief executives from around the world.

Speaking about the trip, Mr Dalton said:

“British Glass already has longstanding relationships with its member companies who have a footprint in the US and are among world leaders. I will be showcasing one of our latest cutting-edge developments to them, a virtual reality system that will revolutionise safety and training in our industry.

“Virtual reality offers designers exciting opportunities to experience and understand the products at an earlier stage. A major benefit is bringing people together, and getting people talking to each other. We are using the virtual world to build understanding between engineering and design.

“We help the UK glass industry have the influence, knowledge and skills to be world leading and globally competitive. High volume glass manufacturing contributes around £1.3 billion to the UK economy each year and provides more than 6,650 direct jobs, plus approximately another 115,000 supply chain jobs.

“Glass is central to a safe and sustainable future – our homes, vehicles, food supply, communications, entertainment and much more all rely on it. Our industry’s continuous improvement of the things we all use daily is helping reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions across every part of life. And we are harnessing its unique chemical properties to solve problems in healthcare and power generation.

“As an industry we are moving forward to face the challenges of a changing world. We cannot sit still, we must develop and renew our practices and foster the brightest and the best. We in the UK are fantastic at conceiving new inventions and new ways of doing things, and I’m very proud to take that to America.”