Encirc Augmented Reality service brings bottle designs to life

Encirc Augmented Reality service brings bottle designs to life

September 25, 2017
Encirc Augmented Reality service

This innovative service allows customers to view their glass packaging design concepts in real-world settings as well as move and amend them quickly.

The new Augmented Reality (AR) technology service superimposes a computer-generated design onto a tablet or smartphone. This new digital method of the design process significantly increases the efficiency and speed Encirc’s customers’ products can arrive on the market. It is more effective than the method of 3D printing prototypes. 

The new method will build on Encirc’s current design options, which already allows customers to create innovative and effective containers through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology. Combining Encirc’s CAD and AR services will ensure the technical quality of the product is optimised, while the aesthetics still meet the desired requirements.

A key challenge facing the glass manufacturing industry is developing lightweight containers, which are more sustainable and improve transport efficiency. Glass that’s too thin, will not stand up to the manufacturing process and transportation, therefore rigorous testing is required. Typically the process for producing and testing a prototype container is around ten weeks.

This has been reduced to around one week, using AR. Encirc is able to put container concepts through their paces using virtual reality stress tests. These deliver comparable results to real-life testing. This allows Encirc to gain an accurate understanding of what will happen when glass prototypes are progressed to the trial stage, and therefore reduce the chance of re-trials. The streamlining of the whole process is also more sustainable as it reduces the total amount of products used during the testing process.

Rob Coates, product and graphic designer, Encirc, commented:

“Our design team is renowned for working closely with customers during the design stages, helping them create the perfect glass container for their brand and product.

“Our AR offering can be used remotely by customers and design agencies alike, allowing us to collaborate with them anywhere in the world, and show them how their products look in different environments or placed near similar or competitor containers. Our new service is in-line with our future-thinking focus and mission to make Encirc even more efficient and sustainable through the use of innovative digital technology.”

Rob Turvey, sales director, Encirc said:

“Our new augmented reality offering is another true example of how we consistently look for new ways to add further value to our offering. Technological innovation is a key part of who we are at Encirc, allowing us to reduce turnaround times and waste materials while optimising our customers’ general experience.”



  • Encirc is a market leader in glass container design, manufacturing, bottling and logistics solutions for the UK and Irish food and beverage industries. With almost 1,200 employees, it operates from its purpose-built sites in Derrylin, NI and Elton, Cheshire
  • They produce more than 2.7 billion glass bottles and other containers annually and can fill up to 250 million liters of bulk shipped beverages every year. The integrated group offering means customers benefit from a full beverage supply chain approach, which includes access to Europe’s largest bonded warehouse, significantly shortening the supply chain and delivering considerable cost and environmental savings to customers. 
  • Further information is available at www.encirc360.com