Commitment to reducing the environmental impact of glass celebrated

Commitment to reducing the environmental impact of glass celebrated

April 22, 2016
British Glass staff admire the glass plaque awarded to Simon Slade of NSG for his work with the International Commission on Glass’ Technical Committee 13

We’re delighted to have been hosting Technical Committee 13 of the International Commission on Glass this week – which involved meeting Simon Slade from NSG receive a Turner Award for noteworthy contribution.

Technical Committee 13’s mission is to reduce the environmental impact of glass during its production, use and disposal – which it does through meetings like this where participants share best practice and news on current and developing techniques across the supply chain.

At this meeting Dr Simon Slade, principal environmental technologist at NSG’s European Technical Centre, was awarded the ICG’s Turner Prize – given annually to those who have made a particularly noteworthy contribution to the TCs. Previous holders have included Prof Dr Reinhard Conradt of Germany (whose work in in evaluating physical and chemical glass properties achieved pioneering results).

British Glass’ senior environment, health and safety adviser, Jenni Richards, has worked closely with Simon for many years on our own Energy and Environment Committee and said:

“Simon is the most knowledgeable person I know on technical environmental issues in glass production. He’s as sharp as a knife and his eye for detail makes such a contribution to the standard of both these committees’ work. One of his special areas of expertise is dust emissions – but with his sense of humour even that is never dry. We love having him at our meetings and working alongside him.” 

The award was presented by Emeritus Professor John M Parker, Secretary for ICG’s Coordinating Technical Committee. John explained: 

“Much of the Commission’s work is carried out through its 22 technical committees – which work on subjects as diverse as optoelectronics, melting, atomistic stimulation and glass education. It’s through the dedication and expertise of people like Simon that our work progresses.

“One issue TC13 has been instrumental in is standardising measurement of emissions levels. An internationally accepted evidence base and recognised methods are important to ensure a level playing field and feed into sensible legislation and regulation.”



The International Commission on Glass is an international society of organisations with particular interests in glass science and technology. Founded in 1933, its 33 national partners include the world’s most respected glass institutions; many companies of the glass industry and allied organisations are also associate members. See