British Glass welcomes proposals for greater recycling collection consistency

British Glass welcomes proposals for greater recycling collection consistency

September 13, 2016

British Glass is one of an alliance of materials sector bodies welcoming the WRAP report on Greater Consistency in Household Recycling Collections.

The organisations representing many of the major materials recycling sectors impacted by the proposals to develop greater consistency, including ACE-UK, Alupro, British Glass, Confederation of Paper Industries, RECOUP and the Resource Association, said in their statement:

“We warmly welcome the WRAP report on consistency and commend them for the thorough and inclusive way they have undertaken this important task. In what is a complex set of issues – within which there are many challenges – WRAP have set out a clear vision which, if implemented, would lead to greater clarity about the labelling of packaging to indicate recyclability as well as improved commonality of approach to the collection of packaging materials for recycling.

“The economic and environmental case for greater consistency is compelling. Our industries are committed to playing a full part in realising this vision and will support the actions that follow on from the report. The challenge for government, local government and the recyclate collection and sorting industries will be in responding to our continued concerns about the costs of dealing with contaminated recyclate and working with us in partnership to realise the full potential of the UK’s recycling and reprocessing industries.

“This report is an important next step on this journey and represents an opportunity with long-term and long-lasting benefits. It will take time, but it is a significant step forward.”



Find out more about WRAP’s work on recycling system consistency and read the supporting evidence and analysis.

The materials sector bodies participated in the advisory group for the WRAP project, represented by the Resource Association who co-ordinated input from and consultation with the sector.