British Glass promotes glass recycling message with fun video

British Glass promotes glass recycling message with fun video

September 5, 2017

British Glass has been promoting its pro recycling message through the consumer facing brand, Friends of Glass. 

The new campaign called ‘Endless Chorus’ is a quirky online video, starring rapper and comedian Doc Brown and Britain’s Got Talent contestants The Bottle Boys. The video shows drinkers in a bar being surprised when a glass wine bottle begins to sing to them about its long life which has seen it recycled over and over again.

The voice behind the bottle is Doc Brown, who is accompanied by music played on bottles by The Bottle Boys. All are concealed behind the bar and hooked up via microphones to a speaker hidden inside the bottle.

Together, the Bottle Boys and Doc Brown cover a series of iconic hits from the last 10 decades, bringing to life the likes of Louis Armstrong, Petula Clark and Kool & the Gang in a mashup to highlight the different lives of the glass bottle through the ages.

The video is being promoted to a consumer audience in the UK, to encourage more young people to recycle their glass bottles and jars. It has been gaining attention and the story has been published in Packaging News, Recycling Waste World, and Resource.

The campaign follows from a recent pan-European study which found that young consumers have many positive attitudes towards glass packaging, but they don’t fully appreciate all of the environmental benefits that it offers.

The same video is being promoted by members of the glass industry in more than 6 countries is gaining publicity across Europe. So far around 500,000 people in the UK have viewed the video and many more across Europe.

The video can be viewed below:


  • Friends of Glass is a Europe-wide brand that is part of the European container glass federation, FEVE