British Glass attends Labour Party Manifesto Engagement Day

British Glass attends Labour Party Manifesto Engagement Day

November 13, 2019
British Glass represents members at Labour manifesto engagement day.

British Glass, the representative body for the UK glass industry, attended a meeting yesterday (12 November) held by members of the Labour party’s Shadow Cabinet as part of its manifesto engagement day.

The Business Stakeholder Manifesto Meeting saw representatives of the UK’s core industries attend Labour Party headquarters to discuss the political party’s plans on the economy, the climate emergency, regional growth, and Brexit.

Members of the Shadow Cabinet, including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer and Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Rebecca Long-Bailey, presented a number of sessions throughout the day on the key aspects of Labour’s manifesto for the 12 December General Election.

A wide range of other topics were also discussed prior to the release of the manifesto including the party’s plans for a Brexit deal, investment in social infrastructure such as housing, the NHS and schools, regional investment in the north and support for businesses.

British Glass were represented by EHS Adviser Paul Pearcy while representatives from Energy UK, Ceramics, UK Steel, FDF, and Make UK also attended the roundtable discussion.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Pearcy said:

“We’re grateful to the Labour party for inviting us to the meeting in order to discuss the key areas of their manifesto and portray the wider views of the glass industry.

“While the current election and extension to Brexit continue an air of uncertainty for many businesses in the glass sector and across the UK, we appreciate the opportunity to have an open dialogue with one of the main political parties on their plans heading into a crucial time for UK politics.”

British Glass represents the UK glass industry and helps members to work alongside key stakeholders from government, wider politics and other industries.