Brexit points of interest for glass sector as third round negotiations continue

Brexit points of interest for glass sector as third round negotiations continue

September 5, 2017

With the third round of negotiations between the UK and the EU underway, British Glass is urging its members to keep abreast of the unfolding Brexit negotiations and seize the opportunity to make the potential impact on the UK glass industry known to government.

In recent weeks more than 20 positon and partnership papers have been published – covering everything from the exchange and protection of personal data to nuclear materials.

British Glass senior policy adviser Debra Huntington said:

“At the moment Brexit discussion and speculation is everywhere, all of the time. That can make it tough for businesses to sift out facts and spot what’s a priority for them. British Glass is flagging the most significant elements for our sector as they arise – and asking members to respond.”

The following are the items that British Glass is currently highlighting to its members.

The Migration Advisory Council currently has an open call for evidence that covers EEA workers in the UK labour market. This seeks views from interested parties as to how, following exit from the EU, the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy.

Because views and experience relevant to these questions will vary, British Glass is advising members to respond at company level to call for evidence – but to also share that information with British Glass (confidentially) so that it can be factored into sector-level analysis.

Three recently released position papers are also of particular relevance to industry:

  • Future customs arrangements – which outlines two possible options on how the UK will seek to pursue its independent trade policy objectives
  • Enforcement and dispute resolution – which covers thinking on how disputes can be resolved once the UK is outside the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU); this includes the need to maximise certainty, ensure effective enforcement and continual respect for the UK’s international obligations.

British Glass is urging members to review these three papers in particular, and consider how the proposal may affect their business – positively or negatively. If there is anything which member companies would like clarity on or have specific concerns about, British Glass will make representation to the appropriate Government Department on behalf of the sector.

“The Brexit negotiations offer industry a chance to air views and shape the future economic landscape. British Glass will do all it can to help our sector capitalise on potential opportunities for the glass industry, created by leaving the EU, and to minimise any risks.” said Debra Huntington.



British Glass members with questions or concerns on these matters should email the policy team via in the first instance.

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