Ardagh introduce new lightweight Polish cider bottle

Ardagh introduce new lightweight Polish cider bottle

April 17, 2018
Ardagh Cydr lubelski trio

Cider Lubelski, a Polish cider brand, have been given a new lightweight look thanks to the Polish based team at Ardagh Group.

Working alongside Spiritus Movens Design Studio, Ardagh have produced a new lightweight glass bottle with unique embossing for four of the brand’s ciders. The new bottle was tasked to emphasise the product’s light, refreshing and natural character.

Ardagh used the NNPB production method (Narrow Neck Press and Blow) to reduce the weight of the 400ml bottles and estimate a saving of 10% weight in each bottle while continuing to maintain the cider’s high pressure requirements.

A new embossing design was also created, using large, bold letters depicting Cydr Lubelski on the bottle neck and shoulder.


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