Online Glass appreciation

Online Glass appreciation

22 September 2021 to 29 September 2021

Whether you design, make, sell, process or reuse glass – this online course will give you a broad understanding of the material, its lifecycle, how it behaves and why, and the possibilities it offers.

Delivered by experts from Glass Technology Services Ltd, this online course covers essential topics from manufacture, processing and basic chemistry to properties, defects and failures, recycling and quality. The accessible format and small groups size makes this an ideal introduction for anyone working in glass or otherwise dealing with glass products or issues.

Who is it for?

Anyone whose business involves glass will benefit from an improved understanding of this fascinating material. Prime candidates include:

  • new starters to the glass industry
  • packers and fillers of food, drink, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • brands
  • retailers
  • glass re-processors
  • waste collectors.

“Very informative and interesting – thank you. One of the reasons it was so interesting is Martyn Marshall, who delivered one of the main parts of the training, was so passionate about everything.  He really made what can be a difficult subject very interesting and encouraged us all to participate with questions or personal experience,"

Vicky MacQuarrie, Quality Compliance Manager, Ardagh Glass. 

What will be covered?

  • What is glass?
  • A brief history of glass manufacturing
  • Glass properties
  • Composition and melting of glass
  • Colouring and decoration of glass
  • Annealed and toughened, or tempered glass
  • Forming, pouring and casting of glass
  • Sustainability and recyclability
  • Glass strength, handling, defects and failure.

When is it?

Session one 13.30-16.00 22 September 2021

Session two 13.30-16.00 29 September 2021

Where will it be held?

This course will be hosted on Zoom.

What does it cost?

British Glass members – £195
Non-members – £245
(All prices are per person excluding VAT)

How can I book?

Email to make your booking.