GlassTrend Seminar

GlassTrend Seminar

31 March 2020 to 2 April 2020

Innovation in raw materials and prrocessing technologies for sustainable glass production.

Reduction of both the energy consumption and CO2 footprint whilst increasing production efficiency are key challenges for the glass industry.

From Tuesday March 31st to Thursday April 2nd 2020, the Glass Trend seminar will focus on how innovative raw materials and processing technologies can help the glass industry progress towards a more sustainable manufacturing process.
The seminar will be hosted by Sibelco and take place at ‘t Kristallijn, in Mol, Belgium. This building is situated on a reclaimed quarry reintegrated in the landscape as an illustration of the balance between exploitation and sustainability.

The target group consists of GlassTrend members and invited companies. 
Registration is limited to about 100 persons and it will be open soon. Each GlassTrend member company may send 2 persons to the seminar free of charge.