Enter the awards

Enter the awards

The Glass Focus Awards, and all the entries to them, reveal the outstanding breadth and quality of achievement in glass – and are a great opportunity to showcase your organisation.

Winners for all six categories will be announced at the Glass Focus Awards 2018 dinner, at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield on Thursday 22 November.

This year’s categories are:

Design of the year

In form and function – glass is an amazing material to work with. We’re looking for a product or solution that uses the properties of glass to meet a customer’s or market’s needs. We’ll be looking for evidence of entrants combining skills, know-how and creativity to get the best from glass. Entries in this category should include:

•    an explanation of how this design especially meets the specified need
•    information about the design process and choice of glass
•    any special treatment of the material(s) to make this design work in practice
•    why the end product is noteworthy
•    details of the product’s quantitative and/or qualitative benefits. 

(As well as products that have been fully realised, products only developed to concept stage may also be entered into this category. Such entries should provide evidence that the design can be successfully produced.)

Innovative solution

This award will recognise an innovation in product, process or system connected to the use or manufacture of glass. Entrants should demonstrate a tangible and significant contribution made by the innovation – such as (but not limited to) new ways to exploit or work with glass to solve significant challenges; access to new/larger markets for a glass-based product; improved performance/efficiency; increase in productivity or cost savings. Entries in this category should detail:

•    background and strategy for this activity
•    details of how/why it is innovative
•    evidence of importance and impact
•    information about any further application.

(Innovative solution entries do not have to be in commercial use/full-scale application. However, concepts still in development should explain and evidence that the results to date indicate probable significant impact.)

Health and safety action

The glass sector’s productivity and success rests on its employees – so protecting their health, safety and wellbeing is paramount. This award will recognise a company that has demonstrated aspirational management of health and safety. Entries for this award should feature a new or improved technique, programme of upgrades, research activity or initiative that has demonstrably improved the safety, health or wellbeing of its staff (and other directly affected parties if applicable). Entries should detail:

•    a description of the initiative itself and how it came about
•    the issue/risk addressed
•    which staff (roles) have been involved and how
•    details of the change that it has brought about 
•    before and after data if applicable.

Sustainable practice 

In this category we’re looking for practical examples of glass sector organisations achieving environmental improvement by taking action to manage materials, energy, emissions or waste. Entrants should demonstrate how the initiative has contributed to productivity, efficiency or competitiveness while delivering environmental benefits. Entries in this category should include:
•    an overview of the issue(s) addressed and evidence of need
•    assessment of the outcomes and impact
•    information about further application/extension or next steps.

Apprentice of the year

This award is open to any individual engaged in a formal apprenticeship programme within the glass industry. The judges will be looking for a winner who has shown great achievement, contribution to the organisation and continuing development during their apprenticeship. Entries in this category should include:

•    name, age and place of work of the individual
•    a brief description of their role 
•    apprenticeship framework/level
•    examples from their work that show their achievements, development and impact in the business.

Strengthening business through people 

To remain competitive and progressive the glass industry and its supply chain needs a workforce that’s equipped with the right technical, commercial, management and leadership skills. This award will recognise those who are going the extra mile to ensure our industry’s future competiveness by supporting the development and diversity of its talent pipeline. We hope to hear from organisations that have developed innovative recruitment, training or development activities. Entries in this category should include:

•    an explanation of the business challenge addressed
•    details of the specific activity including the job roles it focused on, number of staff involved and how it was implemented
•    quantitate/qualitative assessment of the outcomes and impact
•    plans for further application/extension or next steps.

In addition to these categories – all British Glass members entering any category will be put forward for the title of British Glass Company of the year.

The deadline for this year’s entries is noon on Wednesday 26 September 2018. Please submit your entry form by email to glassfocus@britglass.co.uk and start the subject line with 2018 Awards entry. 

Download full judging criteria and terms and conditions.

Download the Glass Focus 2018 entry form.