Types of Glass

Technical Glass

Technical Glass (Glass Type) Technical is the term given to a range of glasses used in the electronics industry.

Borate Glass

Without borate glass the computer revolution would not have been possible as it's vitally important in producing electrical components. This type of glass, contains little or no silica and is used for soldering glass, metals or ceramics as it melts at the relatively low temperature of 450-550C, well below that of normal glass, ceramics and many metals.

Passivation Glass

Glass of a slightly different composition is used for protecting silicon semi-conductor components against chemical attack and mechanical damage. Known as passivation glass it is vital in microelectronics technology and the production of the silicon chips inside computers.

Phosphate Glass

Another type of glass - Phosphate Glass - which is a semi-conductor, is used in the construction of secondary electron multipliers.

Chalogenide Glass

Similar semi-conductor effects as that of Phosphate Glass are also characteristic of a type of glass that can be made without the presence of oxygen. Some of them have potential use as infrared transmitting materials and as switching devices in computer memories because their conductivity changes abruptly when particular threshold voltage values are exceeded.

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