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Iris Inspection, Zippe and Electroglass confirm Lyon event

Lyon-based group Iris Inspection Machines, batch plant specialist Zippe and furnaces group Electroglass are the latest organisations to confirm their Glassman Europe participation. Each of these leading technology suppliers to the glass ...

26 May 2017

Kumbi Corp selects Xpar Vision technology

South Korea’s Kumbi Corporation has selected Xpar Vision to supply hot end technology for its inspection and process monitoring. Mr. Ko, the company’s Vice Chairma...

26 May 2017

Praxair and Linde set to merge

Praxair and Linde have confirmed they have reached an agreement in principle to merge. The agreement is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of both companies. If the boards do agree, the transaction will then be subject...

26 May 2017

Bucher Emhart Glass’ Johor Bahru plant celebrates 10 years

Bucher Emhart Glass is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its manufacturing plant in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Ten years ago, Emhart Glass (as it was then called) laid plans fo...

23 May 2017

Installation of equipment at Kazakhstan float glass facility

Stewart Engineers, Inc has installed production equipment support steel structures at the Orda Glass float glass manufacturing and processing plant in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. T...

23 May 2017

Egypt’s New City Glass and Mavsa create history

Egyptian tableware manufacturer New City Glass has installed three MAVSA press machines at its site in Cairo. Two of the MD...

23 May 2017

Siemens to provide keynote speech at Industry 4.0 conference

Global engineering group Siemens is to provide the keynote speech at a forthcoming conference devoted to Industry 4.0 in hollow glassmaking. The company will talk for 30 minutes at the free-to-attend conference in Lyon in September. ...

22 May 2017

Strong growth for Oman’s Majan Glass with BDF Industries.

Italy’s BDF Industries is co-operating with Oman’s Majan Glass in a major renovation of its production lines. Thanks to BDF Industries cooperation, the glass pla...

22 May 2017

BA Vidro makes revised buyout bid for Drujba

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Portugal's BA Vidro has published a buyout bid for the remaining 405,652 shares in Bulgaria’s Drujba Glassworks. Bareck Overseas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Portugal's BA Vidro, has published ...

18 May 2017

Emhart launches ‘Stronger together’ philosophy at Leipzig office

Bucher Emhart Glass launched its ‘Stronger together’ philosophy at a two-day customer event to mark the opening of its Leipzig office. ‘Stronger together’ -...

18 May 2017

Shri CK Somany has passed away

HNGIL chairman Shri Chandra Kumar Somany has passed away. The Indian container and float glass company said he had passed away in Kolkata after a long illness. It said: “With heavy sorrow - this is to share with you friends...

17 May 2017

Glaston completes sale of its North American pre-processing business

Glaston has closed the sale of its pre-processing business in the USA and Canada to Bavelloni. Glaston will still continue as a reseller of Bavelloni’s pre-processing machin...

17 May 2017

Glass Top of Class for Food Safety and Recycling

More than half of UK consumers want food and drink in glass packaging, preferring its higher recyclability compared to other packaging materials, according to new research. The findings of the independent pan-European survey are the late...

17 May 2017

Italy’s best on display at China Glass 2017

The GIMAV group stand at China Glass 2017 in Beijing will showcase Italian excellence in glass processing. Italy’s top p...

17 May 2017

Wiegand-Glas adopts Tiama’s IQ track plant performance monitor

German glassmaker Wiegand-Glas has approved the use of the Tiama IQ track intelligent software, designed to provide real-time plants&rsq...

16 May 2017

Industry 4.0 comes to Lyon

A conference on Industry 4.0 will take place alongside

15 May 2017

Glass Service Italy launches new website

Glass Service has renewed its image and invested in research and new technology, as well as a new website,

15 May 2017

FEVE’s Friends of Glass wins award for Best Social Media Campaign

FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation, and communicati...

12 May 2017

BA Vidro installs Talos Transport Simulator to reduce breakages

BA Vidro has installed the Transport Simul...

11 May 2017

Şişecam receives three website awards

Şişecam Group has received three awards from the Horizon Interactive Awards for its ‘Corporate’, ‘My Career’ and ‘Paşabahçe’ websites. The user-friendly websites feature state-of-the-art desi...

11 May 2017

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