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Like treacle, glass is fluid at high temperature and its fluidity decreases as the temperature is reduced.  In other words, its viscosity decreases as the temperature increases.  Unlike water, which turns from a liquid to a solid at a specific temperature, glass has no specific melting or freezing point, but is gradually changed from a stiff solid to a liquid mass as the temperature is increased.  It is this property of “variable viscosity,” which is used in forming a mass of glass into articles of beauty or utility. 

The different methods for forming a variety of different types of glasses either by hand forming, or machine forming, are described in the pages within this section:

​Further information about secondary processes, such as the processes of annealing, toughening, coating and decoration are described in detail on the secondary glass processing page.

For information about the different types of glass produced, please see our types of glass section.

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Many glass making terms have entered the language: 'Coddswallop': Hiram Codd invented the marble stoppered 'pop' bottle in the 1870s, and millions of the bottles were made, particularly in South Yorkshire. 'Wallop' was the name given to the cheap beer of the day, and beer drinkers dubbed the contents of the codd bottle 'a load of coddswallop'.

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